Spotlight On Recent Basildon Pest Control Issues

One of the numerous issues restaurants and other food-related businesses need to be actively aware of and trying to eradicate, is pests. It always seems to be the case that where there are people, there is waste. And where there is waste, there are pests of some kind. This is very true in and around the busy Essex town of Basildon.

In very recent months, towards the end of last year, Basildon saw several high profile pest control incidents. In this post, we are going to put the spotlight on three notable cases involving pests in Basildon landmarks.

Large Rat Scares Customers At McDonald’s

At the tail end of Summer, customers in a McDonald’s branch in Pakefield were horrified when they saw a rat running through the eatery in the direction of where customers were eating.

rat seen in burger restaurant

After people spotted the rodent, many of the diners walked (or ran) out in disgust and some people were frightened.

Although members of staff quickly caught the rat, the customers were horrified. According to a spokesperson for the restaurant, the rat was not allowed into the kitchen. And within the hour they called in experts to deal with it and investigate. Never underestimate the power of Essex pest control specialists to solve your pest problems.

Mouse In The Moon on the Square Forces it to Close

Another case where business owners called out Basildon pest control to a restaurant in the area involved the Weatherspoon’s pub The Moon on the Square. Punters enjoying drinks and food in the pub-restaurant were disgusted to see a mouse scuttling around in December. The company were quick to act though, and evacuated the pub. They closed the establishment temporarily so they could let a pest control team in to deal with the situation.

mouse on food

Wetherspoon’s reopened the dining pub actually the evening of that same day, once a Basildon pest control engineer gave it the all clear. The technician discovered the part of the building where the rodent had entered, and appropriately blocked it up. They then put pest monitoring in place to help avoid the same incident happening at a later date.

Pigeon Removal from Basildon’s Brooke House

We are still in December last year for our final spotlight incident of 2019 involving pests and Basildon pest control. Brooke House in Town Square required help to deal with the troublesome pigeons that were frequenting the tower block. According to a spokesperson for the local council, the pigeons were gaining access to the council-owned building and plaguing the residents. The birds were roosting in the stairwells and leaving unpleasant signs of their presence.

At the request of the residents, pest control technicians helped install flat-bar sections on each of the floors in the 14-storey building. South Essex is no stranger to these kinds of problems with Essex pigeons where buildings require preventative deterrents.

girl surronded by pigeons in basildon

The council decided to intervene with Brooke House due to the health hazard concern. Initially they considered cages, anti-pigeon nets and weld mesh sections that filled in the gaps of the building’s perimeter.

However, Essex County Council’s historic building service rejected those plans. They stated that the mesh would detract too much from the architecture of the building. Which is why they approved flat bar sections instead.

Although all of these situations had positive outcomes, it shows how frequent of pest incidents are in the area. It also highlights just how important Basildon pest control services are heading into 2020. Are you keeping your food business protected from pests like rats, mice and pigeons? Is your residential home being invaded by birds, rodents or other pests? It may be worth checking before it’s too late. Pests are notorious because they breed fast if left unattended. Call Pest Exterminators Essex today for an unbeatable quote and unrivalled service.

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