The 8 Main Causes of Pest Infestation

Why do you have pests? There are dozens of causes of a residential pest infestation. In this article we’re going to go over 8 of the main reasons why pests invade your property. 

1. Food waste

Food waste is one of the biggest causes of pest infestation. This food waste can include rubbish left in your kitchen or outside bins. It may also include food left in the sink, the floor, and your countertops.

food waste

2. Shelter

Another cause of pest infestation is looking for shelter. You home provides pests with shelter against the elements. It gives them a safe place to hide where they do not have to deal with the outside world. There is no wind, rain, snow, frost, or boiling heat inside your home.

3. Places to nest

Pests infest properties mostly because they find places to build their nests. Your home provides them with a dark, warm, dry, and sheltered place to nest. They can build their nests safely and also permanently. Compare this to nature where the landscape is always changing.

4. Water

Believe it or not, even the smallest pests need water. Taps, sinks, baths and showers all provide pests with the water they need. These sources of water are also far easier to get to than those found outside.

water taps

5. Access to stored food

Pests also infest properties because there is access to stored food. This food provides them with the sustenance they need to survive. To prevent this, all food should be stored in sealed plastic containers, and also placed in cupboards. Never leave food lying around. Pests may be eating it without your knowledge and you could become ill this way.

6. Safe from predators

One of the biggest causes of pest infestation are predators. You see, outside pests are constantly forced to fight off predators. There are predators like wasps and spiders which feed on insects, as well as other creatures like owls or weasels. The reason why pests infest your home is because none of these predators are present.

raptor predator

7. Places to breed

Pests enter into your home so they can breed. Your home provides them with a dark, warm place where they are left in peace to reproduce. In fact, your home can even be seen as a type of incubator for pests. Reduce the places to breed to prevent pests.

8. Places to hide

Unlike the natural world, your property is filled with hundreds of nooks and crannies. These are areas beneath the furniture, the corners where walls meet, inside walls, your ceiling, attic etc. There are many other examples, and all of these provide excellent places for pests to hide. Never use DIY methods if you have a pest infestation. Call in the professionals.

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