The Main Types of Pest Control In Essex

When it comes to understanding pest control, it is important to realise that different types of pest control are effective for different types of pests. So, when you’re trying to find a suitable pest exterminator, you need to choose one that offers a wide range of different options.

There are two main types of pest control – insect control and rodent control.

snap trap

Here, we will discuss each of these separately, highlighting some of the different methods and tools available.

Insect Control Methods

There are several forms of insect control tools and methods. However, the success of any treatments is based on it being used properly. You want to ensure these strategies are effective. So, in most cases, it is best to leave a professional pest technician to handle these control methods.

Heat Treatments

If it is practical, Pest Exterminators Essex will strive to use environmentally friendly pest control when dealing with insects. Not only is it cost-effective and more effective than insecticides long term. It is also far better for health and our environment.

Insecticide Sprays

There are a range of insecticide sprays available for both commercial and residential sites. Some types are ideal for heavier infestations and offer rapid results.

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Others provide a more drawn-out ongoing effect, continuing to offer protection even after the initial control has been achieved.

Powders and Gels

Insecticide powders are used for application as treatment in crevices, cracks and places where you can’t use sprays. This includes the space around fridge motors, electrical equipment and places where other types of pest control are unsuitable.

Insecticide Gels are used as an effective and integral part of an insect control treatment programme. They produce significant results when used for crevices and cracks. They work particularly well for cockroaches and ants.

Fog and Smoke Generators

Smoke generators are often used to tackle insect issues as part of a full programme of treatment. These kinds of treatments are used to remove and control of flying insects in a confined or difficult to access area.

fogging insecticide

It is a simple procedure, and involves a smoke generator being placed where there is the most insect activity. The pest technician lights a fuse, releasing smoke that carries insecticide into the area.

Rodent Control Methods

There are also a wide variety of rat and mouse control treatments that can used in various situations. The technician who visits your property will explain which methods are best to use for your circumstances.


Traps are a good option for rodent control, as you can clearly see if anything has been caught. Unlike some types of pest control, like leaving loose poisons down, traps do not leave the rodents dying in a less accessible area. A downside of traps is though that they need to be regularly checked. Plus, they can normally only catch one rodent at a time.

mouse in trap

There are a range of trap types. Live capture traps are the most ethical. Poison bait stations and electrocution traps are popular. There are also snap traps, although this method can also mean the risk of injury to children and pets.

Sticky Boards

Sticky Boards offer advantages in that they can catch a number of rodents at the same time. You are also able to monitor and identify where rodents are active more by how many you catch in certain areas. However, they are inhumane and can leave the animals to suffer a lingering demise.

Another major problem with sticky boards is when they are used for commercial properties. There are strict regulations related to how often they should be rechecked.


Obviously, one of the best types of pest control to combat rodents or even completely prevent them is to proof your premises. This will avoid it being too attractive to unwanted guests. At Pest Exterminators Essex, we can carry out the relevant proofing work, and ensure it ties in properly with any baits, traps or other forms of pest control that are in place.

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