Top 10 Weirdest Facts About Insects

No one will disagree that insects are extremely weird. At the same time, they are endlessly fascinating. To demonstrate this, here are some extremely weird facts about insects.

facts about insects

1. Ants

To most people ants seem completely harmless. Irritating yes, but mostly harmless. Actually, this isn’t exactly true. Yes, as it turns out, ants are capable of causing enormous damage. In fact, ants cause more than 3 billion pounds of damage per year. It’s not the common house ants which causes this damage. No, we’re talking about species like the North American Fire Ant. This tiny ant has an incredibly painful bite. The damage is causes mostly comes from medical visit and veterinary bills. What’s more, this ant is also known to cause immense damage to crops, so we’re glad they don’t come indoors.


2. Fleas

Fleas are legendary jumpers. If humans had the same abilities as fleas, we could leap across an entire football field. Fleas are also fast jumpers, and can accelerate at the same speed that a space shuttle takes off. What’s more, fleas have been around forever, and existed since the days of dinosaurs. Make sure to brush up on the signs of fleas if you have pets.

3. Flies

Some of the strangest facts about insects have to do with flies. These pests have abilities which almost seem like superpowers. They can walk upside down, see behind themselves, and taste with their feet.

4. Woodworm

Did you know that woodworm can live inside a piece of timber for years without you knowing, giving out no signs of woodworm infestations? According to experts, these larvae can spend as much as 4 years inside a piece of wood. Yes, and by the time you realise your home is infested, it’s often too late to do anything.

5. Silverfish

Silverfish are one of the oldest insects on planet earth. These small pests are older than the dinosaurs and have existed for almost 400 million years. These insects also have a complex mating ritual comprised of three phases, each lasting half an hour.

6. Ticks

This is a list of facts about insects, but guess what? Ticks are not actually insects! Nope, these pests are actually classified as arachnids and have more in common with spiders than other insects.


7. Spiders

The Bolas Spider engages in a crude type of fishing. What this species does is attach a sticky type of glue to the end of a line of silk. This is then swung out from its web and used to catch passing insects. Rather different from other spiders, who just wait for prey to get caught.

8. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs only come out when they know humans are asleep. But how do they know that someone is sleeping nearby. It’s simple. These pests are able to detect the carbon dioxide exhaled by sleeping humans.

9. Wasps

Wasps are a lot smarter than we think. For instance, scientists have discovered that these pests are capable of using logic and making deductions.


10. Cockroaches

No list of facts about insects would be complete without mentioning cockroaches. With this pest, there are dozens of weird facts. These include things like the fact that cockroaches can survive for days without their heads. They’re also cannibals and can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.

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