Top Modern Pest Control Trends Of 2023

Pest control is something that continually evolves and changes. This mostly centres around new technology. This technology makes pest control more effective and efficient. This might not be something you have thought of. here are the top pest control trends for 2023.


How pest control uses smart technology

One of the biggest pest control trends involves smart technology. Technicians now use technology in things like rodent traps. They connect traps to a control room. This allows pest technicians to monitor what is happening on site.

These traps can also relay all sorts of information. Technicians can see how many rodents have been caught, and whether the trap is full or not. Smart technology is also used in pest sensors. Many of these sensors have built in algorithms. These help to predict pest behaviour eg if pest numbers are growing, and whether and infestation is about to erupt.

The latest and greatest pest control trends

More pest control trends for 2023 include using CCTV cameras. These cameras also allow technicians to monitor the situation off site. Cameras let us see what pests are actually doing. We can use them to identify where the pests are coming from, and where they are getting in.


Something else that technicians are now using are infra-red cameras. Rodents often hide in walls and other inaccessible places. This makes them extremely difficult to find. With infra-red cameras we can quickly solve this problem.

These cameras can see through walls and detect the heat that comes from rats’ nests. This allows us to instantly pinpoint their location. It also makes our job a lot easier.

Other pest control trends apart from the use of AI include the use of drones.  These are now used extensively for bird control. Pest controllers deploy drones  to chase off pests like pigeons. Pest imspectors also use drones. They are great for inspecting off the ground areas like roofs. This saves us the trouble of sending a technician up onto the roof.

control room

Drones are are useful in farming as well to tackle pest control challenges. On-board sensors detect pests. Drones are then deployed to spray pesticide. This is enormously useful and also saves time and money. Finally, we are now seeing less use of pesticides and things like fumigation in domestic and commercial pest control. The problem with these methods is that pests are rapidly building up an immunity to them.

This is why pest control companies are now using things like heat treatments. This method is far more effective. It also has other advantages. The biggest being that pests cannot build up an immunity to heat. Also, because no pesticides are used, this method is a lot safer for the public.

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