Top Pest Control Food Safety Tips

Pest control food safety is critical when you have a family and like to cook. If you work in the food industry, it is just as important – or perhaps even more so. In this post, we are looking at ways to keep insects such as flies and cockroaches, and bacteria that attracts them, from contaminating your kitchen areas.

Pest control food safety

Anyone who runs a restaurant, fast food outlet, or does catering, needs to practice Pest control food safety religiously. Failing to do so can result in an outbreak of pests like in some Essex food venues. What’s more, you could end up being fined by the health authorities. Or even shut down permanently.

Pest control food safety habits are crucial, even if you don’t work in the food industry. Maintaining a spotless kitchen is something everyone should do. This will help to keep your home free from pests and guard the health of your nearest and dearest.

Our top pest control food safety tips

Look for signs

Most pests will hide away from humans. This means you need to keep a look out for visual signs of infestation. These can include droppings, egg casings, droppings and body parts in the case of insects needing cockroach or fly pest control in Essex.

Don’t attract pests

Any type of food will attract insects. Stored food will also draw them. Make sure to clean up any spilled food immediately. Store open food in containers with lids. Never leave food out at night. Dark and hidden areas will also attract pests. Make sure to routinely clean behind your fridges and stoves.

Cockroaches are in the food

Maintain your rubbish bins

Refuse areas can attract pests. To prevent this, your bins should have lids. Also, empty and clean them as often as possible.

Contain food well

Containers must be in good condition. Don’t overstock fridges or stack containers one on top of each other. Make sure food is cling filmed properly.

Stop pests getting in

Prevention is better than cure. To this end, you need to stop the pests before they enter. This is one of the most basic pest control food safety methods to carry out. Get rid of gaps around door frames, under doors, around pipes or cables that go through your walls. Windows should be covered in fly screens. Pests love to live in cracks, so fill any that you find.

Clean surfaces frequently

Surfaces should be kept clean and disinfected at all times. Wipe down surfaces as often as possible to keep them free of food debris. This includes counters, floors and walls.

washing prevents pests

Clean up liquid mess

Insects also need water. Keep your kitchen as dry as possible. Make sure taps are properly closed and fix leaking taps. Keep toilet lids closed.

Store cold food properly

Cold food must be stored properly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Cold and perishable foods should be kept at cool at all times.

Prevent contamination

This can be done by using a logical production flow in the kitchen. Also use colour coded chopping boards and clean surfaces frequently.

Use the right cleaning products

Not all cleaning products are anti-bacterial. To properly carry out pest control food safety, make sure you’re using the best products. Insects like cockroaches and flies leave behind bacteria that needs to be cleaned properly

cleaning products

Eat food quickly

Once food is produced, make sure it is consumed within an appropriate time frame. Never consume food which is past it’s expiry date.

Don’t use old cloths

Old clothes can contain harmful bacteria and attract pests. To prevent this, use new clothes as often as you can. Also consider using paper towels.

Wash your hands

This is one of the most important pest control food safety tips. Wash your hands as often as you can with anti-bacterial soap.

Cook food properly

It goes without saying that all food should be properly cooked. Improperly cooked food may contain bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

Flies swarm around food in dish

Keep hot food hot

Hot food must be kept hot to prevent the growth of bacteria. Make sure hot or reheated food stays at the correct temperature.

Use food thermometers

A simple pest control food safety tip is to use food thermometers. This helps you discern if food is properly cooked.

Defrost food correctly

Food must be defrosted in a way that prevents bacteria from growing.

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