Top Pub Pests and How We Manage Them

Pubs are not immune to pests. In fact, it’s still possible to get pests, even if your pub doesn’t serve food. These pub pests are attracted to the shelter and warmth that you find inside of pubs. The smell of things like beer is also highly attractive, and so is liquid spillage. Yes, it might sound strange, but pests enjoy drinking as much as we do. But what should you know about this, and how do you prevent these pests from attacking your pub?


How to combat pub pests

One of the worst pub pests are rodents. These vermin can spread bacteria and make your customers seriously ill. Then you have hidden cockroaches which are mostly attracted to moisture and warmth. These pests are also drawn by the presence of sugar and starch.

Along with this, pubs must deal with ants and flies. Another huge problem is drain flies, which feed on organic matter inside of drains. Finally, if you have an outdoor sitting area, then birds could become a problem. This mostly includes pigeons, but also seagulls, depending on your location.

So what can you do about these pub pests? The first line of defence is cleanliness. It’s important that you keep your pub in top condition especially if you serve food to keep in line with food safety regulations. This is something that you must do at the end of the night, whether you like it or not. The worst thing you can do is close up and leave it for the next day. People who do this will eventually get pub pests.

Cockroaches are in the food

Professional pest control to stop pub pests

If that happens, you’ll have to call in pest control. So how do we deal with this problem? The first step is preventing pests from getting in. We make a thorough inspection of your business and find where pests are entering. These are then sealed and closed up.

At the same time, we try to figure out why pests are attracted to your pub. There could be a number of reasons. For example, it could be because you’re storing stock incorrectly. It could also be because your bins are placed in an insecure area.

If pests can get at your bins, then you’ll never be free of this issue. Another issue is hidden areas where pests can live. This could be somewhere like a disused storage area. These will need to be inspected and cleaned out.

closed pub

Once this is done, we can then carry out pest maintenance and also give you advice on pest prevention. Our job and pest contracts includes the setting and maintenance of traps. These are used to get rid of rodents and are placed outside of the building. We can also help prevent crawling insects, such as ants and cockroaches.

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