Using CCTV For Pests In Business Premises

Can CCTV cameras help with pests in business premises? You see, most pest issues are an open and shut case. It’s simply a matter of finding the pests and exterminating them. Unfortunately, things aren’t always this way. Many times, vermin are almost impossible to get rid of This most often happens in business premises. But why does this happen and how can CCTV help get rid of them?

pests in business premises

Caught on camera…finding pests in business premises

What you have to understand is that certain businesses are highly attractive to pests. Imagine a food shop, supermarket or warehouse that is filled with food. Something like this is a dream come true for pests but a problem when pests invade your business. They can detect this food with their heightened senses, and it draws them like a magnet.

Things like pubs, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops are even more attractive. What makes things worse is that these businesses are cooking food. This drives pests wild.

This is why pests in business premises is a never-ending battle. And a lot of the time simple pest control isn’t enough. This is why many pest controllers are using CCTV in an attempt to win the battle against pests. The reason why is because cameras help you determine the pests’ behaviour.

food warehouse

Recording/Videoing pests when no one is on site

A good example of this and avoiding infestations is looking at what pests are actually after. There could be a particular part of your business that they are going for. This could be an area where a certain type of food is stored. CCTV cameras help us determine this precisely. You can them move things around and place items out of the reach of pests.

Another advantage of using CCTV for pests in business premises is because we can determine where they enter. Finding the pests entrance point is often difficult. Even if you inspect the perimeter and seal up everything, then may still get inside. With cameras we can pinpoint their entrance ways and seal these up for good.

CCTV cameras are also useful for determining the paths that pests travel along. A good example of this are rodents, who usually run along the side of something. This could be a wall, or another object. Determining these paths is often tricky, but CCTV makes the job a lot easier. We can then place traps along this route and capture the rodents as well as using other technology such as AI.


CCTV cameras for pests in business premises are also useful for offsite monitoring. Cameras can run overnight and then be checked in the morning. This way pest controllers can check if any pests were moving about. We can then come onto the site and take preventative measures. This saves time for both us and the client.



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