Warmer Weather Brings Spring Insects

Spring has sprung and this means you’ll soon see an increase in spring insects. This can be extremely irritating, but how should homeowners handle these insects? Spring insects mostly include the following pests:


Fly numbers dramatically increase during spring. These pests are mostly attracted to food waste which is inside your bins. From there they make their way indoors and eat from indoors bins, while also attacking food in your kitchen. To prevent flies, you need to keep your bins sealed. Also try to throw rubbish out as often as possible. If flies do get into your home, there are a number of gadgets which can be used to keep them out. These include things like fly paper, electronic zappers, and DIY traps.

flies and bins


Wasps often enter the home because the Queen Wasp will have built a nest nearby. This is usually in your garden. These spring insects will also build their nests in attics, and wall cavities. Once this colony is complete, they may enter your home when seeking food. To keep wasps out its recommended that you keep doors and windows closed. If you do have a wasps’ nests in any of these places, then call in a professional. Wasps’ nests are extremely difficult to remove, and approaching them can also be dangerous.

wasp nest spring


Ants enter into a type of dormant state once Winter arrives. When it’s spring they emerge from this state and begin to seek food. This often means that they enter homes seeking this food. If you have a messy kitchen then ants will quickly build a colony in your walls. In order to prevent this, you need to keep your kitchen spotlessly clean. This is important because once ants have built a colony, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

ant colony

By following the tips listed above you should be able to carry out pest prevention and deal with most spring insects. That being said, this isn’t always something you can handle alone. Sometimes it’s better to call in a pest control service. An example of this is when pest numbers become overwhelming, or you cannot rid of them yourself. For help with these and other spring pests, contact us today.

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