Ways Our Rat Traps Are Safe

Rats are a persistent problem in many homes and business. That being said, getting rid of these pests is a relatively simple job. All you really have to do is place rat traps in strategic positions.  The issue with this is that many people have a problem with these traps and residential pest control.

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This is understandable. Maybe you have pets or small children and don’t like the idea of these traps in your home. After all, they do contain deadly poisons. Fortunately, this isn’t really something that you have to worry about. You see, modern rat traps are unbelievably safe and cannot harm anyone (except the rat). There are several reasons for this.

Why modern rat traps are safer than ever before

Rat traps have undergone significant advances since they were first invented. The days of spring traps and crude bait stations are all but gone. These traps have undergone numerous upgrades and are now highly sophisticated and extremely safe.

First of all, the trap itself is entirely sealed. For example, have you ever noticed those large black boxes which are placed along the outside walls of buildings. The ones which have a circular hole in the side? Those are rat traps, and there’s a reason why they are designed that way.

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It’s all about the poison. By placing the poison in a closed box, the safety of these traps is greatly improved. This also means that there is no way for your pets and children to get at the poison.

What sort of safety features do they have?

In addition to this, there are other safety features which you can find out about in a free pest inspection. To start with, the box is seriously tough and cannot be tampered with or easily opened. Also, the only way to gain access is with the key. This means these traps are completely child proof and also pet proof. There is no way for your pets or children to access the poison. This is true even if they insert their tiny hand or paw into the hole.

The reason for this is because the inside of these traps is basically a maze. There is only a tiny hole for the rat to enter. This means children and pets absolutely cannot get at the poison. What this also means is that the pest, once caught, cannot get out. It enters the maze, gets trapped, eats the poison and dies.

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The big advantage of this is that the rats do not carry the poison out of the trap. This means there is no danger of children or pets eating this poison. It also prevents your pets from eating poisoned rodents, and then suffering second-hand poisoning. All in all, modern pest traps are supremely safe, and there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of them.

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