What Causes Ants To Come Indoors?

Ants are one of the most tenacious pests you’ll ever have to deal with. No matter what you do, it seems as if these pests are almost impossible to get rid of. This is why, when it comes to ants, prevention is better than cure. This leads us to an important question. What causes ants and how do you prevent them from coming indoors in the first place?

what causes ants

What causes ants in your home?

What causes ants? A lot of the time it’s simply down to the time of year. Ants do not hibernate, but they do reduce their activities during winter. What usually happens is that they store up food and then hide away from the cold in their colony. Once it starts to get warmer, they emerge and start looking for food. This is usually what causes ants. You see, while looking for food they often wander into your house. They learn that this is a great source of food and then return in larger numbers.

food source

The best way to prevent this is to remove sources of food that may attract them. One of the biggest causes of ants are the rubbish bins outside your home. Ants that are outside are drawn by these bins. From that point, they make their way indoors. To prevent this, you should throw your rubbish out as often as possible. Also try to get bins that seal tightly. It’s a good idea to move bins as far away from the house as possible. You’ll also want to regularly clean your bins.

clean bins

Keep your home and kitchen as clean as possible

What you have to understand is that even the smallest amounts of food can attract ants which you want to keep out the kitchen. Ants are tiny and can live off of almost nothing. Even a few crumbs are enough. This is why your kitchen should be kept as clean as possible. Wipe counters and floors daily and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

clean sink

Also make sure to store food correctly. Never leave food out on counters because this can attract pests. Keep all food inside sealed containers and inside cupboards that shut tightly. What causes ants are also entry points. This can include things like doors, windows, and cracks in walls. To prevent this, you should seal up all cracks. Also try to keep your doors closed if you can. You can use fly screens on windows and doors.

Finally, make sure to watch out for what’s known as “scout ants.” These are basically lone ants that are sent out to look for food. Once these ants find food they go back to the colony, leaving a trail for other ants to follow. Whenever you spot one of these ants you should immediately kill it and then clean the area.

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