What Happens At A Pest Control Survey?

What exactly is a pest control survey and do you need one? The subject of pest control is enormously complex. Thousands of words could be written about pest control methods, extermination and other parts of this industry. But what you ultimately have to realise is that it all starts with one simple thing. Basically, before pests can be exterminated or dealt with, they must be found.

pest control plan

If you’re dealing with pests (or suspect you have pests) then a pest control survey is critical. As we’ve said, the purpose of this is to determine if you actually have pests and also their type. It’s basically the same as drawing up a plan of attack before going into battle. Every pest control company does this for residential properties and it’s something that has to be done before beginning any treatment.

What to expect during a pest control survey  

When the pest control survey is carried out there are several things we do. To start with we try to determine the source of pests. Where are they coming from and what is attracting them to your property? Maybe your dustbins are not being emptied frequently or something in the nearby environment is drawing pests. We also check if there are gaps, holes or entrance points in the perimeter of your building.

This brings us to our next point. Our inspector will also determine where pests are coming in. As mentioned, this could be a hole, gap, or crack in the wall. It may also be due to doors or windows that are left open, or through some other entryway.

The next critical point is to learn where pests are living and breeding. We need to track down their actual physical location in order to exterminate them. This is also important because it allows us to determine the size of the infestation and how it should be dealt with.

How important is it to get a survey done?

One of the most important things we also do is determinate if there are actually pests. Believe it or not, there are times when the issues are not being caused by pests. As you can imagine this can be a problem. After all, we do not want to send our crews to a property where there are no pests. 

survey smiles

Not only is this a waste of time, but you may have to pay for this call out. To prevent this from happening we look for the signs of pests. We also make sure that these signs absolutely indicate the presence of pests. Finally, we inspect for any current damage to the property and how bad it may be. Pest control procedures like this keep you safe. 

Something else to take into consideration, is that a pest control survey may not be a one-time thing. This is especially true in the case of businesses. Remember, depending on the type of business you run, pests are always going to be a problem. What this ultimately means is that surveys should be routinely carried out by all businesses.

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