What Makes A Good Pest Company?

Looking for a good pest company? If the answer is yes, then you may have asked yourself this: what actually makes a good pest company? To answer this question here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for an exterminator.

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Things to check when looking for a good pest company

If you need a good pest company here are several things that you should check for.

1. Their level of training and knowledge

It’s critically important that you hire people who can actually do the job. Many people in the pest control business are amateurs and this can cause all sorts of problems. The biggest being that your pest issue doesn’t get handled. When looking for a good and safe pest control company, try to ascertain their level of training and knowledge.

2. Licensed and members of pest associations

Is the exterminator licensed? Remember, pest technicians are handling dangerous chemicals. Unless the person has a license, there’s a good chance they have no idea how to safely use these chemicals. You should also check if the technician is a member of pest control associations. If they are a member, it means the person has a higher-than-average skillset.

knowledge and training

3. Insured

Is your exterminator insured? This is necessary in the event that something goes wrong. After all, you do not want to be financially responsible if an accident happens. Insurance is also a sign that the company is above board and reputable.

4. Polite, approachable and good communicators

Many tradesmen are surly and unapproachable. You want someone who is polite and communicates well. The best way to find this out is by calling the company. When you do this ask questions and try to gauge what type of a person or people you’re dealing with.

5. Punctual and leave things tidy

Many tradesmen leave a tremendous mess. They can also take the entire day to arrive. This is obviously something you’ll want to avoid. Once again, this is why reading through online reviews is so important.


5. Good reviews

Online reviews are a tremendous benefit in this day and age. Any reputable company will have online reviews. If you cannot find these it could mean you’re dealing with fly-by-night operators. Also take the time to read through all reviews and keep a look out for red flags. A good review will let you know what to expect.

7. DBS checked

DBS checks are probably the most important thing when find a good pest company. DBS stands for disclosure and barring service. This is essentially a background check performed by the UK government. As you can imagine this is extremely important because it prevents you from hiring crooks and to ensure your peace of mind.

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