What Problems Do Grey Squirrels Cause?

People often ask us, “What problems do grey squirrels cause.” And this is a good question. When trying to identify what type of pest is causing problems in your life, it’s helpful to work backwards. Looking at the issues being caused can help you figure out who is involved.

what problems do grey squirrels cause

So, what problems do grey squirrels cause?

When you see squirrels running around your garden they might seem cute. The problem is that, depending on how many there are, these animals can soon become a major nuisance. These pests can live in either your garden, or around your home, in places such as the attic.
Wherever they may be grey squirrels can present many issues such as:

They destroy your garden

These squirrels will often dig holes in your lawn or flower beds to bury food. They can also cause damage to gardens by eating bulbs and corms, and also eating tree nuts. Plus they can damage hosepipes and netting with their gnawing.

grey squirrel on bird feeder

As well as digging in your garden, they are known to strip off bark at the base of trees and shrubs. This mostly effects beech, oak and chestnut trees. Stripping bark can have serious affects on the health of these trees and may eventually lead to them dying. What’s more, they also eat tree nuts, which prevents new trees from growing.

They harm other animals

The grey squirrel is a species of squirrel native to North America. They were first introduced to Europe in the Victorian era, where they were initially kept as pets. These squirrels are generally seen as a highly invasive species and pest. In fact, they are listed in the top 100 most invasive species.

Grey squirrels have taken over 90% of the native red squirrels habitat. They have also spread disease such as smallpox to the native squirrels.

red squirrel

Grey squirrels also harm birds by eating their eggs. Also, if you have a bird feeder don’t surprised if it’s empty in minutes. These animals love eating bird seed, and will quickly learn that you’ve put on a buffet for them. They will flock to your feeder and devour anything you may have left out. This can become especially irritating because it chases away actual birds.

They damage your home

The biggest reason why these animals are considered such a nuisance is because they damage buildings. Basically they gnaw on everything and anything, and this eventually causes major damage. If you are wondering what problems do grey squirrels cause, this is a major concern.

Grey squirrels love to chew on wires. Don’t forget that these animals are rodents. Due to this their incisors are always growing, and need to be worn down by constant chewing. For some reason, they are especially fond of electrical wires.

This can cause electrical outages and worse. Wires which are chewed through can then be left exposed, and when these touch it can cause and electrical fire. This can lead to your house being burnt down and even loss of life.

They destroy your roof

Grey squirrels will use tree branches which overhang your roof as a type of, “Bridge.” Once they have landed on the roof these pests will quickly make their way into your roof or attic.

roof damage

This can cause untold amounts of damage. They will build nests, chew through wires and eat their way through whatever is in your loft or attic. Squirrels can also rip up insulation and contaminate water tanks with urine and droppings. In addition to this, they can also make a huge racket and keep you up at night.

They leave droppings everywhere

Large numbers of squirrels will lead to large amounts of dropping around your home. Not only is this disgusting, but it’s also a major hassle to clean up. What’s more, these droppings can become a disease vector. Squirrel droppings can transmit illnesses such as Lyme disease, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, tularaemia. Also in some rare cases, being bitten by a squirrel can even cause rabies.

Grey squirrel faeces are usually spindle shaped or clumpy and soft. The shape of their faeces depends on the moisture content of their food. High moisture foods lead to clumpy and soft faeces, and low moisture foods leads to spindle shaped faeces.

To sum up, what problems do grey squirrels cause? A whole world of problems is the answer.

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