Where Do Cockroaches Hide In Homes?

Cockroaches can be the bane of existence for any homeowner. This is because they are not only are irritating, but also extremely difficult to get rid of. What makes cockroaches so difficult to remove is that they are extremely good at hiding.  

Cleaning up a cockroach

These pests can fit themselves into even the tiniest crack or crevice. If you have cockroaches, then where should your start your search for them? Where do cockroaches hide in homes?

Favourite hiding places of cockroaches in houses

As we’ve said, getting rid of cockroaches can be enormously difficult. Not only are they very good at hiding in cracks and crevices, but they also have particular habits. For example, these pests generally only come out at night and prefer to live in darkness.

This is why many people who have cockroaches don’t even know it. Along with this, they do everything to avoid human contact. These two things combined mean you’ll rarely see the cockroaches in your home. So where do cockroaches hide in homes? Here are a few of the places they most often favour.

1. Kitchen appliances

One of the most common places is beneath kitchen appliances and that goes for all types of kitchen pests. There are two reasons for this. The first is because living in the kitchen provides them with easy access to food. The second is because the area beneath large appliances – such as stoves and fridges – is nice and dark. Not to mention the fact that they will be undisturbed there.

kitchen appliances

2. Cracks and gaps

Cockroaches are small enough to fit into even the smallest crack or gaps. These areas also provide them with places where they cannot be reached by humans.

3. Bathrooms 

Like all biological organisms, cockroaches need water to survive. This is why they often take up residence in bathrooms. These pests also favour warm, humid environments, which is another reason why they enjoy living in bathrooms. Finally, bathrooms give them a large variety in living spaces. Your bathroom is filled with cracks and gaps where they can live, as well as places like cupboards beneath sinks. Make sure to check here so that cockroach allergies can be avoided. 

home bathroom

4. Undisturbed areas

Cockroaches love to live in places where people seldom go. These can include areas like beneath furniture and floorboards, unused storerooms, and also lofts or attics.

5. Near pipes and taps 

As previously mentioned, cockroaches need water to survive and also love to live in moist environments. This is why you’ll often find them near pipes and taps, especially if there is any kind of leak – however small.

sink tap

6. In electronics  

Finally, where do cockroaches hide? Another common area is inside electronics. Remember, these pests love darkness and places where humans do not go and that they are dangerous to humans. This makes the interior of electronics the perfect place to live. They can also squeeze through the tiniest gaps, which makes entering electronics easy.

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