Where Do Queen Wasps Hibernate?

Wasps are one of the few insects that undergo significant changes during Winter. What usually happens is the that the nest is abandoned by males who then die off. Once this happens the queen will also exit the nest. This can cause serious problems for humans. Why? Mostly because of where queen wasps choose to hibernate.

wasp with nest

What you should know about queen wasps and hibernation 

After exiting the nest, queen wasps seek a sheltered place where they can get through the winter. They are ultimately looking for a place that is safe, and also somewhere they will not be disturbed. This is extremely important.

You see, only a small fraction of these queen wasps actually survive. In fact, scientists estimate that out of about 4000 wasps, only around 2 will survive. This is a shocking statistic and it’s why safety is so important to these creatures. But why does this happen? It’s mostly because of spiders. The queen makes a tasty meal for spiders. They also know that during hibernation she’s extremely vulnerable. This is why spiders search patiently in cracks, crevices, and sheltered areas where they know a queen might be hiding.

nest under pipe

But this is why queen wasps often end up in your home. In our homes they can find places that are mostly free of predators. These include crevices, holes, the area beneath gutters causing damage, sheds, and places where walls meet. It also includes areas like lofts and attics. If the queen decides to live in these places you could soon be in trouble.

What happens when the queen emerges from hibernation?

After emerging from hibernation due to warmer weather, her first primary concern is building the nest. She needs to quickly build a nest and lay eggs. Once these eggs hatch, the workers will continue building and start to seek food. What this means is that the queen will do this in the first appropriate place she finds. And here we come to the problem. Most often this will either be inside or near your home.

indoor wasp nest

In this case you could soon have a serious wasp infestation on your hands. You’ll know this is happening when you notice an increase in wasps around your property. You may also have visually sighted the nest. If this does happen, do not take matters into your own hands. Wasps’ nests are not easily taken down. These pests can also be extremely dangerous, especially in large numbers. Interfering with a wasps’ nest is potentially fatal, due to the attacking wasps. This is why the best thing to do is call in a pest control specialist. We can help to locate the nest if you haven’t found it yet. From there we can safely remove it, and also take steps to prevent the wasps from returning.

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