Which Pests Affect Gutters And Why?

When does an insect or animal become a pest? The broad categorisation is when that organism causes damage to property. This is why some birds, like pigeons, are considered highly invasive pests. These pests affect gutters and other parts of your roof, sometimes causing thousands of pounds of damage. But why does this happen and what can you do about it?

pests affect gutters

How do birds affect gutters?

The reason why bird pests affect gutters is mostly because of their feathers. In the same manner that humans shed skin, birds are continuously shedding their feathers. This becomes a pest challenge when birds are roosting on your roof. Their feathers have only one place to go and this is into your gutters. In fact, big bird populations can eventually shed so many feathers that gutters become blocked.

When this happens, gutters will often overflow. This can cause large amounts of water damage to your roof. You may even experience water dripping down into your property. What also sometimes happens is that gutters collapse or break. This is because of the additional weight of the water and feathers combined.  

bird nesting gutter

Another way that bird pests affect gutters and cause structural damage is through nests and debris. All birds build nests in the area where they live. These nests are made of things like twigs, sticks, and grass. These nests are flimsy and often break apart, especially when birds vacate them. Once again these will end up in your gutter and cause damage.

Other reasons why bird pests affect gutters, is due to their faeces. You see, bird faeces is known to be highly acidic. Birds will often sit on the edges of gutters and defecate. They basically use your gutters as a toilet, and over time can burn holes all the way through them.  

What else can damage gutters?

More pests to watch out for include wasps. These pests often build their nests on or around your gutters. When the wasps leave, the nest may fall off and end up in your gutter. This will also cause blockages and damage.

wasp gutter

To prevent all this, you need to monitor your gutters and get a pest control survey. You need to check your gutters at least once a week or month, depending on the number of birds present. Gutters should also be cleaned. Scoop out all feathers and debris that you find. You may also want to use a hose to send water through the gutter. This will help you determine if it is blocked.  

Do you have birds on your roof? They can cause all sorts of damage in addition to blocking gutters. If the problem is particularly bad, then consider hiring a pest control company to deal with the issue.

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