Which Pests Are Occasional Invaders?

Can all insects be considered pests? The truth is…not really. You see, the difference between pests and regular insects is simple. Pests are basically anything which causes damage or irritation. For example, cockroaches are pests because they are a nuisance and also because they contaminate food.


Other bugs, like spiders, are not considered pests because they do not cause damage. That being said, some insects can become pests. This mostly refers to what we call occasional invaders. These are insects which come into your home from time to time, and which you’d rather not have there.

The reason why these insects are called occasional invaders is because, generally, they are not attracted to homes. What this really means is that they are not looking for something like food or shelter like other pests in residential properties. The reason why they usually end up inside is because they have lost their way. These insects are travelling somewhere, your home is in the way, and thus they pass through.


Another reason why these occasional invaders come inside is because of extreme weather conditions. For example, it could be snowing or raining heavily outside, and the insect is seeking shelter.

Insects that are occasional visitors

Now, some of these insects include earwigs, centipedes, or woodlice. To start with you have earwigs. These are small brown insects which are often mistaken for cockroaches. Popular to contrary belief they are not actually dangerous i.e. they do not actually crawl into your ears. what’s more, they are not poisonous and do not spread disease. Just note that these bugs do have large pincers and can bite you, so be careful when handling them.


Centipedes can also occasionally come inside. There are thousands of varieties of these insects, but almost none of them are harmful to humans. Exercise caution though, they can bite, and these bites are quite painful.

What should you do with occasional invaders?

Another type of insect which may come into your home is woodlice. These bugs are completely harmless. They mostly feed on rotting wood and plant matter and do not eat human food. This is why they are rarely found in homes and are not considered pests. If you do find them in your house, it’s probably because they are temporarily sheltering from the weather or have lost their way. These are pests that are common after storm damage.

silverfish in the house

If you find one of these occasional invaders in your home, then there is no need to get upset. There is no need to worry, you are not being infested. All you really have to do is remove the insect from your home and get on with life. It really isn’t necessary to kill the insects. As mentioned previously, these bugs are not attracted to human habitations, and are usually only passing through.

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