Why Decluttering Is Important For Pest Prevention

Decluttering is one of the best methods for pest prevention. Removing the clutter from your home can go a long way to keeping a pest free home. if you want to prevent or remove pests from your home, here’s why you should declutter first.

Removing junk is a great method for pest prevention 

What you have to understand is that pests need a place to live. You’ve probably noticed that pests do anything they can to avoid human contact. Pests are highly vulnerable to human intervention. They survive by hiding away from us and it takes a good pest controller to find them.

pest prevention

This is why pests choose dark, out of the way places, where humans do not often go. This can include areas like cupboards, crawlspaces, shelves and other inaccessible places. It can also include clutter.

Yes, pests love to hide inside and beneath piles of clutter. The problem with clutter is that it’s very rarely moved. Think about your own home. You may have piles of clutter which have not been disturbed for years.

Take action to organise and containerise clutter or dispose of it

There’s a good chance that there are pests hiding away in this clutter, completely undetected. This means that decluttering is a great method for pest prevention. The main reason is because without clutter pests have far less places to live and breed. If they cannot find a place to live, then they will simply leave your home. Instead of setting up shop, pests will simply move through.

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The other problem with clutter is that it provides nest building materials for pests like mice, who will still come into a clean house don’t forget. Out of all pests, mice love clutter the most. They use soft materials like paper and cardboard for their nests. Yes, if you have large piles of clutter, then these can easily become infested with mice.

So, how do you begin decluttering and using it as a method for pest prevention after getting a pest control inspection? The hardest part of decluttering is simply letting go. You see, for whatever reason, people have a hard time getting rid of their clutter.

But here’s what you have to understand: most clutter is actually rubbish. This includes things that you think you might “need.” Trust us, it’s not worth hanging onto those ancient magazines and newspapers. Things like old containers and odds and ends can also be thrown away.


Anything else should be given a home. The funny thing is that people often have clutter everywhere and cupboards that are empty. So, remedy this by placing as much as you can into your cupboards. You should also buy containers so that you can organise these items. If there’s anything left over from your pest prevention blitz, then consider donating it to charity. There are needy people out there that will appreciate it far more than you do!

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