Why Do Mice Come Into A Clean House?

Do mice hang come into your home? This can be highly irritating. These pests steal food, defecate everywhere, and can also damage your property. Getting rid of them is also be a pain. This is especially true if you’ve already taken steps to remove them.

mouse eating

For example, maybe you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom, and still have mice coming in. If you’re wondering why this happens (and what you can do about it), then read on for answers.

What do mice come do when they come in?

There are only a few reasons why mice come in from outside. The first is food. These pests have enormous appetites and are constantly looking for their next meal. Your house is a source of food, and that’s why you get mice that don’t move back outdoors.

The next reason is shelter. Your house provides mice with a safe place to shelter. Mice also enjoy the building materials provided by houses. This includes clutter like newspapers, boxes and so on.


At this point you’re probably saying yes! I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom and got rid of clutter – but I still have mice. Why is this happening? Well, there are two reasons for this. The first is warmth. A big reason why mice come in is because it’s freezing outside. This is often why you see an increase in mice during winter.

Things like central heating are a magnet for mice. It allows them to live in comfort until the summer arrives. Your house also provides mice with a safe place to live. During winter, predators are desperate. They’re looking for food, and this is why mice are even more vulnerable than usual. By living in your house, they can get out of danger.

mouse leaf

How do mice even enter your home?

Another reason why mice come in is because your house is in their path. Understand that mice don’t make a big distinction between your house and the outside world. They might be on their way somewhere. If the house is in their way, they will simply enter it because something has attracted them. This is why it’s important that you seal up any entry points. When these are closed up, mice are forced to head in a different direction.

Start by looking for obvious places where mice can come in. Remember, these pests can squeeze through the smallest spaces and if you’ve seen one there will be more. Do not dismiss anything, because you think it’s too “small.” Mice can fit through holes the size of your thumb, so seal up every hole. This can be done with putty or wire mesh. If you do a good enough job, then mice will no longer be able to enter your home. What you should also do, just in case, is set traps. Make sure these are safe for pets and children, if you have them. This will absolutely guarantee that mice are no longer a problem.

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