Why Get Regular Pest Control For Pubs?

Pest control is vitally important for almost all hospitality and retail businesses. This is especially true if you run a pub. The reason why pest control for pubs is so important is simple: many pubs serve food. As you may know, pests are primarily attracted to food, making pest control a necessity for pubs. Along with this there are several other reasons why your pub should implement a programme of pest control.

pub cellar

What’s in the cellar or storage area?

Most pubs have storage areas and cellars. These places are often dark and rarely frequented by humans (except to come and deposit or get stock). This makes them the perfect living places for pests. Vermin like rodents love to live in cellars and your pub can quickly get overrun by these animals. Cellars and storage places may also have issues with damp. Pests like cockroaches love to live in damp and dark places. There pests are incredibly difficult to get rid of once they set up shop in your pub.

Another reason why you need pest control for pubs is because of your customers. As someone who runs a service business, you should already know that the happiness of your customers is paramount. The presence of pests can lead to unhappy customers. Not only that, pests can totally ruin the reputation of your pub. Remember, people talk. If word gets out about your pest problem, it can easily destroy your business. And it’s not only your reputation in the local area. Worse than that, with today’s online ratings sites, the damage can be tenfold. Better to be safe rather than sorry and hire a pest control company.

pub customers

Why hire a pest control company?

You also need to understand that food and bar snacks are going to get dropped by customers. What’s more, spillages will occur. No matter how good your cleaning staff may be, it’s almost impossible to be 100% hygienically clean. What this ultimately means is that pests are eventually going to find their way into your pub. This is why pest control for pubs is almost non-negotiable.

pub table

Also realise that many pubs are shut for long periods of time during the night. This is a problem because pests are mostly active at night. In addition to this, many pub owners wait until opening up the next day to  clean. This means that pests can come out and feast on food which has been dropped. Ultimately this also means they can have time to breed and may eventually multiply at an exponential rate. The best way to avoid this issue is by implementing pest control for pubs. An easy way to do this is by taking out a pest control contract. This way you get access to routine pest maintenance and will no longer have to worry about this problem.

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