Why Have I Got So Many Moths In My House?

Moths in the house are a pest that often go unnoticed. This is mostly because they hide in clothing that is stored in cupboards. This makes them extremely difficult to spot, even if you open those cupboards. Even worse, when you finally do this, you might find yourself being confronted with dozens of these pests.

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But why does this happen, why do you have so many moths in the house? There could be several reasons such as the following:

Moths in the house: why am I infested?

1. You’ve let them breed

The most common reason is simply because you’ve neglected things. For example, you may have cupboards that haven’t been opened for years. Summer moths can very easily get into these cupboards without anyone knowing. They then live their undisturbed for and breed like crazy. Depending on what’s in your cupboard, they could have enough food to last them for years. This is why it’s so important that you routinely check for moths in the house.

2. There’s something that’s attracting them

We mentioned cupboards at the start of this article, but that only really refers to clothes moths. Yes, you may have an abundance of natural materials, such as multiple jerseys, that are attracting these pests. But moths are also attracted to other things. For instance, pantry moths in the house like to feed on grains, cereals, fruit, and nuts. If you are storing these things in large quantities, then you may attract moths. Do you have rugs made of natural fibres? This could be attracting moths.


3. They travelled into the house

Moths can also enter the house via food. What happens is that there may be an infestation at the food processing, or packing plant. These moths lay their eggs in packages of food. You buy this food, and store it in your cupboards. The moths eventually hatch, eat the food, and begin breeding.

4. Bright lights

Everyone knows that moths are attracted to bright lights. If you have particularly bright lights, then these could be attracting moths from outside. What usually happens is that moths enter the house through open windows and it’s hard to keep insects out but let air in. They may also squeeze their way through cracks and crevices. Once this happens, the moths hide away and begin to breed. A little while later you have an infestation.

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Dealing with a moth infestation

No matter how many moths you have in your house, getting rid of them is fairly easy. The best way of doing away with these occasional invaders is with pheromone traps. These traps mimic the pheromones secreted by female moths. Male moths then enter into the trap, get captured by sticky paper, and die. These traps are highly effective. If you’re dealing with a moth infestation, then it’s recommended that you place a few of these around the house. You should consider vacuuming very thoroughly, washing all your stored clothes that are made of natural fibres and throwing away any infested food.

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