Why We Are BPCA Members

Like most top-class tradesmen, we are members of a various associations. This includes the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), and we are also BPCA members (British Pest Control Association).

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But what is the point of belonging to these groups? Most importantly, how does this actually benefit you? The answer to these questions is quite simple:

Ensuring high standards of practice

The reason why we are BPCA members is because it allows us to do our jobs better. Basically, membership in this organisation allows us to provide a higher standard of service to our clients.

There are several ways the association helps us do this. First of all, it provides us with numerous networking opportunities. This allows us to connect with other members, and thereby strengthen our knowledge and skills. It also lets us see what other members are doing, and this helps to raise our standards.

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Membership in this association also means we get access to business support. This includes advise regarding things like health, safety, law and environmental issues. We also get access to reviews of our health, safety and pest control methodologies. Once again this helps to improve our standards and practices.

Another useful tool is CHAS (contractors health and safety assessment scheme) accreditation. This is basically an accreditation which proves that our health and safety standards are excellent. One more reason why we are BPCA members is because the association provides on-site assessment. This helps to ensure we are meeting industry standards, and helps us avoid anything a firm could do wrong.

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Along with this, we’re provided with dozens of technical resources. This includes things like assistance with waste management, plus codes of best practice and health and safety information.

Keeping up to date with industry technology

Now, this is all very well, but there is another very important reason why we are BPCA members. This is because the association provides us with CPD (continuing professional development) resources.

These include things like training session, networking events, exhibitions, online quizzes and seminars. By using these resources, we are able to stay abreast of the latest developments in pest fighting and pest control procedures. This means our skills stay razor sharp and we can provide the best possible service to you.

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The bottom line is that belong to the BPCA is something that every pest controller should do and keeps us regulated by law. Even if you don’t hire our company, you’ll most certainly want to hire a technician who has membership. Doing this will provide numerous benefits to yourself. You’ll get a technician who adheres to professional codes of conduct and has access to the latest pest control knowledge. The ultimate point is that this means your pest control issue will be taken care of.

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