Why We Offer A Covid Safe Service

At the moment is seems as if the coronavirus pandemic is finally coming to an end. Restrictions are being lifted. That being said, many people are still getting sick and it’s important to remain cautious. This is why we provide a Covid safe service. In order to protect you here are some of the things we do.

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What you need to know about our covid safe service

Unfortunately, many people are still becoming ill with the omicron variant. This is why it is still advisable that you follow Covid safe procedures such as hand washing and mask wearing. But this is also where pest controllers have the advantage.

You see, unlike other tradesmen, our clients are required to leave the premises while we work. What this means is that you will have minimal contact with our technicians. In fact, you’re likely to have no contact at all. What this basically means is that your risk of infection is greatly reduced. Another big advantage is that, as a good pest control company, we wear PPE 90% of the time that we work. There is very little chance of our technicians leaving the virus behind in your home!

Distancing, PPE and hygiene are part of our regular practice

We’re also working with hazardous chemicals which have the side effect of killing pathogens. Along with this we follow a number of Covid safe protocols. First of all, our office staff are still  working from home. Technicians also have very little contact with other members of staff. Most importantly we sanitise everything, every single day to keep you safe. This includes our vans, equipment, and also our PPE. We also make sure that our technicians are routinely tested for the virus. Anyone who is sick is immediately sent home. So far this has worked and we’ve managed to keep our employees and clients out of harm’s way.

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Ultimately, we want you to feel safe and 100% secure. We take this seriously, which is why you should feel confident about hiring our services. After all, there is no reason to put off pest control just because of the virus. Also understand that this is a very bad idea. The best policy is always to nip pest issues in the bud. The longer you wait the more chance pests have to breed. Their numbers can then increase exponentially, which causes further damage to your home and business.

The bottom line is that our pest control services are safe and you can expect this when we visit. We take every precaution and have not encountered any problems thus far. The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to be in the house while we work. This means you’re almost completely protected. Some of you may still be uncertain. If this is the case, then feel free to contact us for more information about our covid safe procedures.

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