Why We Offer Free Pest Inspection

Pests can be quite problematic for a home or business and it is important to eliminate the problem quickly. The first step for any pest removal job is a pest inspection. We offer free pest inspections to clients because we know they want to get the best deal possible at the best price. We also offer free pest inspections for the following reasons.

Assess the problem

Even if you have the same pest as someone else you could have a completely different problem. We treat every call as a unique set of circumstances and want to assess the specific problem. This helps us to understand exactly what you will need to solve your problem.

pest inspection magnifying glass

Part of the assessment is to determine the extent of the problem too. Many cases have pests in areas that you can’t see or you wouldn’t think to check. Our inspection process helps to account for that. Through our experience we know everywhere we need to look. Knowing the extent of the problem lets us get the best quote possible.

To find the root of the problem

Part of the free pest inspection is to allow us to find where the problem stems from. No pest control expert will be able to solve a pest problem without knowing the root of the issue. Even if they eliminate the pests, if the root of the problem is still present, chances are the problem will return.

Find out what is needed

Because every job is different and every pest is different, we have a wide variety of equipment. Part of the free pest inspection is to find out what equipment is needed to solve your problem. We are thorough with our inspection so we can bring everything we need the first time.

mice breed fast

Sometimes pest control is not the only thing you will need. A variety of pests can cause damage to homes and items. We aren’t professionals at repairs but can make suggestions on when you should seek additional help.

Provide you with all of the information

Customers like to know everything they can before making a purchase. This holds true for pest control. During free pest inspection we not only gather the information we need but also discuss what we find. At the end of the inspection we talk to you about the options available and answer your questions, making sure you are making an informed decision.

Some pest control methods may require you to be out of the home or to watch pets. Safety is our number one priority and we cover this with you during the free pest inspection.

wasp nest

A pest inspection is a crucial step to getting your pest problem resolved. We choose to make ours free because clients shouldn’t have to pay before they are informed. If you watch during the pest inspection you will see that it is an expert process. Each technician takes the time to inspect the whole property.

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