Winter Insects UK: Where Do They Go?

You’ve probably noticed that insects are far more prevalent during the warmer months. In fact, during winter some insects seem to disappear completely. But have these winter insects UK really left? And if they haven’t left then where have they gone?

Are they in your home or have they left?

The unfortunate fact is that these insects are still in your home. The reason why you don’t see them is because they are hibernating. Yes, believe it or not many insects go into a type of hibernation during Winter. Insects do this wherever they can find shelter. They tend to go for places that are dark and not easily disturbed.

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This includes areas like cracks in walls, and also in cupboards, under sinks, attics, under carpets, beneath floorboards etc. Insects also hibernate in piles of rubbish and clutter, or in out of the way areas like garages and sheds. Essentially these pests hibernate wherever they can find shelter for the Winter.

In some cases, Winter insects UK do actually leave your home. Oftentimes these insects retreat into the countryside. They may also spend the Winter in your garden.

wasp garden insect

From your garden, insects make their way back into your house when Summer arrives and they need food. Other insects may migrate to different parts of the country. Also, some pests, like ants, burrow deep into the ground where it is warmer.

Benefits of Pest Control in Winter

This is why it’s a good idea to undertake pest control during the Winter months and Autumn season. Because pests are hibernating, they are easy to find and eliminate. Another reason why you should take care of pests in Winter is because they also breed during this time.  Before hibernating Winter insects UK lay thousands of eggs. When Summer comes around again these eggs hatch causing an instant infestation. You’ve probably noticed that insects emerge in large numbers as soon as it gets warm. Now you know why.

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The bottom line is that just because pests seem to disappear in Winter doesn’t mean they are gone. Do not fool yourself into thinking that your pest control problem is a thing of the past. The insects are simply hibernating and they are doing this in your home. Once it’s Summer you’ll be back to square one with your pest problems.

If you do have a pest control issue, then it’s a good idea to take care of it as soon as you can. Winter is the perfect time to do this. Winter insects UK which are hibernating can be easily found and exterminated. Our technicians can help you with insect control. Do not ignore this problem until it’s Summer and you’re dealing with an infestation.

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