You Should Start Winter Mouse Proofing Now

Now the general election is over, there are probably things you will want to do to prepare for the colder weather conditions that come with the season. You probably start wrapping up more when leaving the house, or even when you are just in the house. The central heating thermostat is probably set to a higher minimum temperature. Warmer and thicker curtains are hung, and draught excluders are dusted off and put to good use at the bottom of doors. And you may even start to winterise your property.

However, one thing you may be neglecting at this time of year that is equally as important, is winter mouse proofing. Although we don’t really see things that way, as mice and other rodents are more active during summertime, winter is when these creatures are at their most vulnerable. Winter is also the time when people are most likely to need rodent control in Essex.

mouse in winter snow

They need somewhere warm and safe to survive the cold of an Essex winter. And your home might be just what they are looking for. Rather than starting to mouse proof your home once we are already in the thick of winter, however, it is better to prepare in advance. In the following post we will look at some ways you can do this.

Start With The Kitchen

Remember, mice are on a constant hunt for food, water and somewhere to keep warm. Do whatever you can, therefore, to ensure your property is as unattractive and uninviting as possible. You can achieve this very simply by keeping a clean and hygienic home.

Pay close attention to the kitchen area, for obvious reasons. As this is the main part of your home where you store, prepare, cooking and even eat food, you need to make sure you keep it as clean as possible. Rather than leaving a pile of washing up and unclean surfaces after you’ve cooked and prepared a meal, get your kitchen spotlessly clean after your meal. It is even wise to clean as you go.

dirty dishes attract mice

We know this is not what you plan to do when you settle down in front of the TV or at the dinner table, when all you want to do is pout your feet up and rest. Trust us, though. You will appreciate the effort you put in when you are not facing a fight with unwanted mice trying to take up residency in your Essex home at winter. It’s bad as it is at times keeping the neighbours and relatives away around Christmas. Don’t make your job even harder by adding mouse problems.

Do the dishes, clean the sides and clear away any food scraps and leftovers. Make sure your kitchen bins shut properly with a tight seal and keep any opened packets of food in tightly sealed plastic containers.

Mouse Proofing – Don’t Forget the Bedroom

It’s not just the kitchen that produces all those wonderful and attractive morsels for mice. Part of any mouse proofing cleaning and maintenance program in your home should involve the bedroom too.

breakfast in bedroom

Mice will find food in anything and we mean anything. That includes the remnants of a midnight snack or breakfast in bed. Besides, if you have any crumbs, stains or food particles on your dirty clothes and leave them in the bedroom overnight, this can be very appealing to a hungry mouse.

Identify and Correct Any Structural Problems With Your Property

Although mice are less likely to try and enter your home if it is spotlessly clean all the time, if you make it easy enough for them, they may still chance their luck. That is why you need start checking your property right now, not halfway through winter when the temperature is at its lowest point, for any entry points around your home.

mouse proofing essex house

Check the gaps where pipes are fed in and out of your property, check the loft, roof and siding and make sure you seal any gaps, cracks, holes and other spaces where mice could enter. Remember, even if it looks like it’s too small for a mouse, that it is still worth sealing up anyway, as they can contort their bodies and get into virtually any small gap.

There is no time like the present to start mouse proofing your Essex home for winter. The more you do now and make your home an impenetrable and uninviting fortress for the little critters, the less likely they are going to try and enter and will just move onto the next property.

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