Your Guide To Pest Prevention At Home

Almost nothing is worse than having pests in your home. Whether it’s cockroaches, ants or rats, these creatures make your skin crawl. But how do you prevent them? In this guide to pest prevention we share our most effective tips for doing this, especially with autumn approaching.

Pest prevention tips that work

There are two primary reasons why you have pests. Vermin enter your home to find either food or shelter. In order to carry out pest prevention you need to remove these. Start by removing their sources of food. To do this you need to be vigilant your kitchen. All food should kept away from pests and stored in containers, which shut tightly.

keep kitchen clean

This includes food in cardboard boxes. Pests like rats can easily tear through these with their teeth. Cockroaches and ants are able to squeeze through the tiniest gap. This means that absolutely no food should be left out. Even leaving a loaf of bread on the counter can be enough to draw pests. You can get a free pest inspection from us to help with pest prevention.

Clean, clean, clean!

The second part of pest prevention is cleanliness. You may have locked away your food, but there is still food residue. Spilled crumbs are all over your carpet and kitchen floor. Just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. This means you have to clean as often as possible. Especially before you go to bed at night.

home cleaning

This should include your bathroom. Also vacuum every room in your house as often as possible. Remember, there may be invisible scraps of food all over the house and you need to get rid of these. In fact, you should make it a rule to only eat in the kitchen or dining room. This will greatly help your lockdown pest prevention efforts.

Other ideas to keep your home pest free

Something else you should do is remove sources of water. Even though their needs are miniscule, pests still need water. This is why you often find them in bathrooms. Do not leave containers of water around the house. Close taps properly and dry up around your sinks.

sink eliminate water

One of the biggest reasons why you get pests is because of your dustbins. Bins are basically a buffet for pests. All bins should close tightly. Especially the bins in your kitchen.  Overflowing kitchen bins are often the biggest reason why people have pests.

You also need to remove places where pests can shelter. Pests enjoy living in places where no one will disturb them. This includes areas like under furniture or your bed. You should routinely lift these up and vacuum under them. Pests also love clutter. Clean clutter and throw away as much rubbish as you can. Do not leave hidden away places where pests can breed to prevent residential pest control problems.

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