Zombie Ants And Other Weird Ant Trivia

Ants can drive you up the wall. That being said, these pests are actually fascinating creatures. For example, did you know there are “zombie ants”? Yes, in this article we’ll explain what these are and look more at the facts vs myths. Not only that, you’ll also learn some other weird facts are about ants.

zombie ant

Zombie ants: strange but true

1. Watch out for the bullet ant

There’s a species of ant known as the bullet ant. This ant lives deep in the Amazon jungle and is known for its painful bites. According to scientists, no other insect on earth is capable of inflicting as much pain. In fact, some people compare the pain to walking over hot coals or being shot.

2. Ants live a long time

Ants are some of the longest living insects on earth. One example of this is the western harvester ant. The queens of this species live for more than 30 years, meaning colonies often survive for decades.

3. This type of ant is a record breaker

The trap jaw ant kills its prey at lightening speeds. It does this with two large jaws that sit on the side of its head. These jaws can snap shut at 140mph. This makes trap jaw ants the fastest predator insects in the world.

4. Ants are blind and deaf

These insects do not have eyes or ears. Instead, they sense the world by picking up on vibrations. They detect these through their feet and also their antennas. Another way that ants communicate is with chemical signals, known as pheromones. Interrupting these pheromone trails are one of the most effective methods for controlling ants.

ants nest

5. Biggest nest in the World

The largest ant colony of all time was discovered in Argentina. This colony was over 5,000 km long and har 33 colonies in it which had merged into one. Scientists estimated that over a billion ants lived within the colony. Seeing a large ant nest is one of the signs you should get pest control.

6. Ants have no lungs

Their bodies are too small for a respiratory system. So how do ants breathe? They use a system of holes on the sides of their bodies. These are connected to tubes inside of the ant’s abdomen, and allow air to circulate around the ants body.

7. Ants take slaves

There’s a species of ant which is known for raiding other colonies. These ants carry off the pupae of other ants and rear them as their own. They then force these captured ants to carry out duties in the colony, such as caring for the queen.

ants slave

8. Zombie ants

Zombie ants are truly terrifying. These ants become zombies because of a fungus that exists in the Amazon jungle. What happens is that spores attach themselves to foraging ants. These spores infect the ant and turn it into a zombie. From that point the fungus has total control over the zombie ant’s movements. This mostly includes positioning the ant so that they can disseminate further spores.

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