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Anyone who has had to deal with any type of pest in the past, knows that they are annoyingly persistent. The problem is, that treating some types of pests involves the using chemicals – something a lot of families and businesses just don’t want to do. This is why we have Essex environmental pest control services. With this type of pest control you can keep your property safe and protect the environment at the same time.

In this post, we are going to look at how using Essex environmental pest control services can be an eco alternative to chemical pest control that helps with many of the different pest infestations we deal with regularly. 

In this post, we are going to look at how using Essex environmental pest control services can help with all the different pest infestations we deal with regularly.

Pests want food and shelter. It’s vital for their survival. Unfortunately, our homes and businesses offer these up to them on a silver platter. Understanding how Essex environmental pest control works, can help get to the root of your pest problem.

Essex Environmental Pest Control – Pest Management

The first step in Essex environmental pest control callouts, is to inspect the property. It’s not always about eradicating all the pests right away. Knowing exactly what we’re dealing with helps us to deliver the greenest pest treatment possible.

Essex environmental pest control may not seem as effective as blasting pests with chemicals, but it can be just as powerful. In fact, for some pests such as bed bugs, environmentally friendly methods of extermination – such as bed bug heat treatment– are much more effective.

environmental pest control

Now let’s look at some specific pests that UK homes and businesses may cross paths with. And how you can treat them using environmental pest control.


Wasp traps can be green and still keep these insects away from you. The wasps won’t fully be eradicated, but at least they won’t be near your family or customers. Tackling wasps‘ nests can be done without the use of chemicals. But it’s important to get a professional pest controller in to do the job. Any sort of wasp nest removal is dangerous and should be done by a trained technician.

Bed Bugs

As we’ve already touched on, the green method of pest control for bed bugs is actually the most effective method you can use. Heat treatments coupled with cleanliness go a long way to eradicating and preventing bed bugs in your home.

heat treatment kills insects

If Bed bugs are in the mattress, we can give it a really thorough heat treatment to kill bed bugs at any stage of life. Bed bugs hiding in carpets can be vacuumed up and disposed of outside.


There are a lot of green methods for garden pest control. Using environmental pest control in the garden protects your plants and wildlife from being harmed along with the insects. Switching up your watering routine to the morning, and adding salt to the soil, will help keep slugs at bay without having to use pellets.


Ant powder can be bought over the counter, but it is a very harmful chemical to your soil and to other wildlife around your property.

a red ant

Things like cayenne pepper and talcum powder are both used in the green war against ants. Whilst the environmental options take a little bit longer than the use of chemicals, they can be just as effective.


No one wants rodents in their home. There are both humane and lethal options for tackling mouse control in Essex in an environmentally friendly way. Using the right bait (peanut butter does the trick) can attract mice into either a live capture or electronic extermination trap, and uses no chemicals whatsoever.


Fumigation is often the go to cure for a moth problem. This involves pumping chemicals onto the affected areas. These chemicals can be harmful to children and pets, plus they’re not recommended for use on delicate fabrics.

heat treatment for moths

Using techniques like pheromone traps can help to keep moths at bay in the first place. Prevention is always easier and cheaper than the cure. For an infestation, our effective heat treatments deal with moths as well as bed bugs.


Flies will come from nowhere in search of sugary treats. There are great methods for catching flies using everyday items like jars and fruit. For more severe infestations, get in touch with us here at Pest Exterminators Essex to discuss environmental options for extermination.


Fleas are a tricky one to treat with environmental pest control methods because of how hardy they are. By keeping up to date with your pets flea treatments as well as keeping the property clean and tidy can help with preventing infestations. However, heat treatment will also take flea infestations effectively and still be kind to the environment.

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