The Odds Of Only Having One Mouse

Have you spotted a mouse in your house? For many people this will not raise any type of alarm. Very few of us become concerned after spotting a single mouse. But here’s what you have to understand. If this happens, the odds of only having one mouse is next to zero.

mice breed fast

What you have to realise is that there is no such thing as a scouting mouse. Mice do not go on long expeditions to find food or shelter. In fact, according to experts, mice rarely venture beyond 10-20 feet from their nest. And in most cases this distance is shorter. What this means is that if you see one mouse, there are likely to be more. There are also other reasons why the odds of only having one mouse are low, and rodent control is needed.

Why they may be many more than one

The odds of only having one mouse are minuscule. This is mostly because mice breed at a phenomenal rate. Female mice give birth to a litter of 5-15 mice. What’s more, they do this 5-10 times a year. This means the mice population can increase at an exponential rate and mouse proofing is essential.

mice on corn

Not only that, young mice also mature at an incredible speed. Mice reach maturity at around 6-8 weeks, and can actually breed at five weeks. This means the presence of one mouse, makes it highly likely that there are more. Remember, mice do not go far from their nests. If you see one mouse there are probably dozens nearby.

Also remember that mice prefer to keep hidden from humans. These animals are nocturnal and mostly come out at night. If you see a single mouse wandering around (especially during the day) it usually indicates an abnormal situation. It could be because the mice has lost its way back to the nest.


mouse nibbling

It could also mean the mouse has been expelled from the nest for some reason, although this rarely happens. Another reason could be because the mouse is desperate to find food. That being said, this is unlikely because mice only build nests where there are reliable sources of food.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that if you see one mouse there are probably more of them and they are incredibly destructive. The odds of only having one mouse are very small indeed. Any time you spot a single mouse, anti-rodent measures should immediately be taken. Start by securing the food in your kitchen and cleaning up your house. You may also want to lay poison or sets traps for mice. Finally, it’s probably a good idea to consider calling in an expert to handle this problem.

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